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Our team

Highly experienced, agile and cohesive


Daniel Benin

Managing Partner

Barthélémy de Beaupuy

Managing Partner

J.B. Stock

Managing Partner

Guillaume Valdant

Managing Partner

Adrian Yap


Fabien Sultan

Director - Primaries & Co-inv.

Lucas Vincent


Case Carpenter

Vice President

Kevin Eng

Vice President

Thomas Masson

Vice President

Victoria Cousin

Senior Associate

Jim Heffernan


Maxime Ranger

Senior Analyst

Sabrine Ben Khemis

Compliance Manager

Laura Khiat

Chief Financial Officer

Cécile Ramond

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Hiro Roche

Investor Relations Director

Benoit Colin

Finance Director

Malak Khalil

Finance Manager

Grégoire Ghuysen

Financial Controller

Elisabeth Hine

Office Manager

Ngoné Seck

KYC Officer