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Primary Commitments

Our approach

Committed Advisors invests in small to large, hard‑to‑access private equity funds globally.

Investment decisions, after a thorough and institutional process, are based on five main pillars

Investment team

Fund manager reputation, significant shared experience, team cohesiveness.


Proven and clearly defined investment strategy, differentiated sourcing approach.

Responsible investing

Selection of best in class ESG fund managers.

Track record

Selection of the best‑performing funds, limited loss ratio, sustainability of value creation.

Alignment of interest

Favorable terms and conditions for investors, systematic and significant fund manager commitment alongside investors.

Best-in-class opportunities

Our deep network of managers and advisors provides us access to top tier opportunities, allowing our investment team to retain and select the best funds.

Partnerships with Managers

With our deep network of industry relationships and limited partners, GPs see us as a long-term provider of value-added strategic advice and market insights. Committed Advisors has become a trusted resource and reference to 200+ GPs worldwide.

Core Strategies

Secondary Transactions

Bespoke liquidity solutions for sellers’ and general partners’ private equity assets.


High-quality direct investments alongside trusted general partners.

Primary Commitments

Investments in funds managed by top-tier general partners with proven track records and strategies.

Custom Solutions

Tailored private equity programs designed to meet clients’ specific objectives.