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Secondary Transactions

Our approach

We create bespoke transactions to meet the needs of managers and investors

Our liquidity solutions span the spectrum of secondary transaction types, from traditional LP interests to complex, structured GP-led deals

LP Interests

Acquisition of limited partner interests in private equity funds (either single interests or portfolios), including assuming the unfunded obligations of the seller.

Continuation funds

Transfer of a single asset or portfolio of assets by an existing fund into a new continuation fund, typically managed by the incumbent GP.

Strip sales

Partial sale of a fund’s stake in all or some of its underlying investments.

Preferred equity

Provision of liquidity to a fund via an equity instrument with a priority, preferred return, secured against a portfolio of assets.


Purchase of a portfolio of assets alongside an existing management team (from an existing manager or corporate entity), involving the establishment of a new, independent GP.

Our focus

Global transactions across all private equity strategies.

Our aim

To offer flexible and customized liquidity solutions that meet counterparties’ needs and constraints, whilst ensuring a strong risk/return equation for our investors via robust, time-tested and highly structured due diligence processes.

Core Strategies

Secondary Transactions

Bespoke liquidity solutions for sellers’ and general partners’ private equity assets.


High-quality direct investments alongside trusted general partners.

Primary Commitments

Investments in funds managed by top-tier general partners with proven track records and strategies.

Custom Solutions

Tailored private equity programs designed to meet clients’ specific objectives.