Market Opportunity • for Investors

Secondaries offer a distinct set of characteristics delivering favorable expected risk-adjusted returns:

  • Attractive purchase prices arising from the illiquid nature of the market
  • Enhanced visibility on underlying assets and their managers
  • Shorter holding periods with early distributions
  • Avoidance of the "j-curve" typically experienced at the outset of private equity investments
  • Embedded diversification
  • Higher velocity of capital deployment

Thanks to its proprietary global sourcing network and longstanding relationships with sellers, intermediaries and general partners, Committed Advisors provides access to cherry-picked premium funds and direct portfolio investments via both vanilla and more complex transactions. 

Committed Advisors' market experience and demonstrated ability to execute is backed up by a rigorous bottom-up and fundamental approach to company analysis, valuation and transaction structuring.

Committed Advisors is an independent and cohesive partnership, wholly owned by its founding partners and strongly aligned with its investors.